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New Volunteers

New Volunteers

If this is your first time ever seeking to serve as a volunteer with CEF of Evansville, or if this is the first time in 5 years or more that you have applied to serve as a volunteer, follow the instructions below to complete the required screening procedures before beginning your volunteer service.

Please Note the following before beginning the application:

  • The application will require reference information. Please be prepared to give the name, address, phone number and email for your pastor or a church leader, one previous employer, and two personal references (not relatives).
  • If you are completing this application form to be involved with a particular active Good News Club, please be prepared to indicate which club by school name.


Complete each of the following prior to completing the online application.

  1. View or listen to the Protecting Today’s Child recording either by calling 1-866-878-4182 or by viewing the video by clicking here.
  2. Read the USA Child Protection Policy.
  3. Read and sign the CEF Worker’s Compliance Agreement.

When you have completed the first three steps, you may continue to complete the online application below which includes national criminal background check authorization.

Special Information for Minor Volunteers (ages 12-17): You will need a parent or guardian’s permission on the final page of the form in order to participate as a volunteer. You may skip any fields relating to a driver’s license. The Social Security Number (SSN) field is required, but for the purposes of this form, since Background Checks will not be officially run for minors, you may enter all zeros instead if you prefer.

  • This system does not sync well with cell phones. PLEASE use a desktop or laptop to complete​ this process.
  • The system will time-out after approximately 10 minutes of no activity.
  • The application/screening process must be completed in 30 minutes or less.

Please complete the following steps:

If you are serving as a general volunteer:

  • Contact the local CEF of Evansville Office to arrange a time to complete a face-to-face interview, ID confirmation form, and a photo release form

If you are serving in a Good News Club or as a Party Club teacher:

  • Contact your Team Leader to let them know that you have completed the online application (your Team Leader may also be able to complete the interview, ID confirmation form, and photo release form)
  • Complete the Good News Club Quick Start Training either online at CEFCMI.com and/or in conjunction with in-person CEF training

The local CEF office will help you determine any further training or screening requirements that may be required for you to volunteer with CEF ministries. You may proceed with your intended service after receiving all necessary approval/clearance from CEF — remember, proper screening and training is what helps keep everyone safe; we appreciate your patience with this vital process! Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you for your willingness to serve!