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    Fueled By Prayer

    “Ask, and it shall be given to you…” (Matthew 7:7a)

    Jesus’ words are familiar ones, yet how often do believers really ask with full trust and intent to receive? Or worse yet, have hardly (if ever) asked? These are the questions that Jimmie Borders, a Christian entrepreneur, sought to answer for himself and for the many donor-supported, nonprofit ministries (including CEF®to which he frequently gives. After deep prayer, Jimmie decided to try something: instead of simply writing a check to support the many ministries that were always in desperate need, why not set the substantial sum to be donated aside until God’s people simply asked for it? Why not become a living picture of how a loving Heavenly Father waits expectantly to shower blessing upon His children — if they would just ask!

    This is the very picture shown by the conference-call ministry Fueled By Prayer. It is a literal call to action to God’s people to offer prayer and monetary support to ministries like CEF of Evansville who reach others with the gospel!

    To participate, callers may simply 

    • register by phone or email with their local chapter to be assigned a unique 4-digit number identifying them to that particular ministry. Then,
    • dial the phone number and access code they are furnished at registration to connect to one of several prayer lines. When prompted by a monitor who coordinates callers on the line between prayers, callers then 
    • pray aloud, often for their chosen ministry. Calls made by registrants are tallied monthly, the corresponding ministries are then mailed checks by the Jimmie Borders Foundation based upon the number of registered calls made during the month.

    Through Fueled by Prayer, believers enjoy an exciting international unity with brothers and sisters in Christ through the oneness of approaching the Father in prayer while benefiting their local ministries. You can contact CEF of Evansville today to be assigned a number and instructions to call as often as every 24 hours. Help bring the gospel to the children of the Evansville Area at by answering the call to action and Christ’s command to simply ask!