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Good News Club® for Churches

Good News Club® for Churches

Can you hold your breath for over a minute? How about standing on one foot for longer than 30 seconds? What about teaching the gospel to children on public school grounds?

Though it may seem impossible (or, at best, very challenging), sharing the gospel through fun, exciting, and regular meetings in public schools (which include prayer aloud, reading from the Bible, and designated time to counsel children individually for Biblical salvation) is not only possible, it’s readily attainable and thoroughly legal through your local CEF® chapter.

In the 2001 Supreme Court Case Good News Club v. Milford Central School DistrictChild Evangelism Fellowship® was awarded full rights and access to public school facilities to conduct Good News Clubs. The ruling stated that Bible clubs such as locally coordinated Good News Clubs must be given the same access to school facilities accorded any other non-school-related outside group. (Learn more about this here.)

Over 80% of Indiana’s children will never attend a church service! Yet, you have full access to the children of your community right where they are through CEF’s Good News Club® ministry.

Through your local CEF of Evansville chapter, churches and individuals can reach children on school grounds with the gospel! You provide the team of 5-8 volunteers to teach and host a weekly club. We’ll help you screen, train, and equip your team in Good News Club® form and function, work with you on purchasing curriculum and lesson materials, and take care of the legwork with the school administration to secure all necessary space and permissions. You won’t even have to hold your breath!

Good News Clubs can also be held on your church property, volunteer’s homes, or other private and public areas as opportunity and access allows. Contact us today for information on how you and your church can adopt a school near you!